A minute book is a compilation of important documents relating to a corporation and its history. The Canadian Business Corporations Act, Ontario Business Corporations Act, and the Canada Revenue Agency require that a minute book be properly maintained and made available for inspection upon request. A minute book is required to have, among other things, the following content:

  • Articles of incorporation and any amendments thereto;
  • By-laws of the corporation;
  • A share registry, containing shareholder names, addresses, and details of owned shares;
  • Shareholder agreements, if any;
  • Minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings;
  • Director and shareholder resolutions;
  • Records of important transactions;
  • Directors’ and officers’ register;
  • Share transfer register;
  • A list of real estate owned by the corporation;
  • Share certificates; and
  • A copy of filed forms.

We highly recommend that a minute book be prepared immediately by a business lawyer upon incorporation and kept up to date to ensure compliance with Ontario and federal regulations. Our experience shows that creating a minute book after years of operation is often more expensive and time-consuming than maintaining one from the start.

When incorporating a business for you, our business law team will always include an up-to-date minute book that will contain all necessary documentation. We will also notify you on an annual basis when updates are required to be made to the minute book.

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