At Jahanshahi Law Firm, we are committed to providing a work environment that aligns with our values of respect for human rights, equal opportunity, and diversity. At an organizational level, we retain a positive environment in our office that promotes an open and supportive work culture. We encourage our staff to lead healthy and balanced lifestyles and we never tolerate behavior that may contribute to a toxic work environment. We strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset and the quality of service we bring to our clients is dependent on the talent we have on our team.

We offer competitive remuneration and benefits packages commensurate with law firms of similar size in the Greater Toronto Area. We invest resources into our employees and provide extensive training and onboarding to new recruits. Our intention is always to provide our team with a comfortable working environment that is inducive to innovation, the sharing of ideas, and the empowerment of employees. We encourage team collaboration and communication and provide our employees with opportunities for career development.

We are always seeking experienced individuals who are passionate about real estate law and business law to join our team. If you are interested in fully immersing yourself in a modern and intuitive law firm and wish to embrace our ambition, email a copy of your resume and cover letter to We invite you to read the Vision section of our website prior to making an application.

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