In Ontario, the Condominium Act permits buyers of a pre-construction condominium to rescind an agreement of purchase and sale without legal or financial penalty within 10 days from the date of signing the agreement. Upon receipt of the buyer’s notice of rescission, the builder or builder’s solicitor must refund all money received from the buyer under the agreement, with interest. [1] Since the cooling-off period is only 10 days, it is important to have an experienced real estate lawyer promptly review the agreement of purchase and sale to ensure its terms are not drafted at the disadvantage of the buyer. Due to the buyer’s ability to rescind the contract during the cooling-off period, the buyer or his representatives may be in a better position to negotiate certain terms of the contract with the builder during this period. For example, the buyer’s lawyer or real estate agent may suggest that the builder remove or reduce any assignment fees payable to the builder in the event of the assignment of the contract by the buyer. Similarly, the buyer may request that certain adjustments set out in the agreement of purchase and sale be either removed or capped to their advantage. As communication between solicitors may be time-consuming, we suggest you contact a real estate lawyer upon receipt of the agreement of purchase and sale to ensure your lawyer has sufficient time to communicate with the builder’s solicitor.

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1. Condominium Act, s. 73(3).

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