At Jahanshahi Law Firm, our real estate law team has extensive knowledge and expertise dealing with various real estate title-related matters. In Ontario, a lawyer is required for the purpose of registering most instruments on the title of a property. We can conduct the necessary title search and register various forms of instruments on the title of your property as necessary. Below is a list of some of the title-related matters we can help you with:

  • Application general registering matrimonial interest on title;
  • Application to delete execution;
  • Assignment of charge;
  • Change of name applications;
  • Notice of change of address for service;
  • Notice of option to purchase;
  • Postponements;
  • Registering and deleting construction liens;
  • Registration of cautions;
  • Registration of powers of attorney;
  • Registration of various notices;
  • Survivorship applications;
  • Title applications;
  • Transfer by the partnership;
  • Transfer by a religious organization;
  • Transfer of easements;
  • Transfer by the power of sale;
  • Transfers between ex-spouses in accordance with the terms of a separation agreement;
  • Transfers between spouses and other family members;
  • Transfers from trustees to beneficiaries and vice-versa; and
  • Transmission by personal representatives.

Anytime you work with us on a title-related matter, we conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the right person is transferring the title or registering instruments on the title of the property. Once the title-related matter is completed we will promptly report to you and provide you with all necessary documentation. You have the option to complete the transaction in a completely remote format without the need to attend our office to sign relevant documents.

To learn more about title searches and other real estate topics, we invite you to visit the real estate law insights page on our website.

If you need help with any issues related to real estate titles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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